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Education is crucial. However, what about schools? School might neither be crucial nor helpful sometimes!

Education is the right for every human being. Does this mean going to school is compulsory without a choice?

Does learning happen only in schools or rather they destroy the enthusiasm to learn most of the times? Researches indicate that schools do not provide the conditions for self-actualization and self-directed learning.

Public schools may had a big contribution in providing human resource in industry age. But they are going to be an obstacle to learn intrinsically nowadays. Education systems may vary in many terms, however almost all of them are not concerned about the students motivation to learn. None of them address adequately the student’s crucial question: “why should I learn this?”.

Although some scholars suggest to ignore the whole public school and built a new paradigm in education, to then there seems to be a lot to do to improve the education system and/or decrease the side effects of it.

There are  known educational approaches such as Reggio Emilia, High Scope, Montessori, IB, Valdruf, homeschooling, and many unknown ones as efforts to heal the damages caused by public education systems.

This site aims to promote new insights in education, research and development in all effective approaches,  and training for teachers who intend to adapt the new age and paradigm of education for all international interested.

About This Site

In this site you can: (1) download Dr Yadolla Saeednia’s CV, his published English Papers, and Farsi Papers; (2) Find workshops and courses to register; (3) ask for online or face to face counseling in his area of expertise; (4) and exchange your ideas with other educators around the world.

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